UK Medicinal Cannabis is Legal - “I Got My First Prescription”


After nearly 25 years or more of wondering why I felt different than the rest, and everyone “seemed weird” to me, I have finally found a safe and legal way to continue to treat myself and my condition at home, guilt-free and half the price of any street medicines I can find.

It started in 2004 at high school when someone tried to sell me a hash pipe with some hash in it.. and I said.. “ nah man.. I don’t do drugs” (wholeheartedly and earnest)…
The guy didn’t know what to say when I said that.
He clearly felt offended.

He was the ‘dominant leader kinda guy’ bouncin’ around trying to swindle and swoon all the time, who wouldn’t take no for an answer, but then he didn’t have a light, so he continues to ask me for a lighter (to light his pipe he couldn’t sell)…
So I said “nah sorry man, I don’t have a lighter ”
And he said “ call yirsel a smoker eh, what fucking use is that?”
A friend instantly intervened with his Witt and called him out with “Hey, Call Yourself a smoker, you don’t even have a lighter either mate !!”
The whole school gang erupted and I managed to flee to my next class Hassle-Free! Untainted…

All the while a little storm inside me was brewing.. but at the time I was offered the pipe, I was in the Army Cadets doing well, and looking forward to joining the Army at 16. I soon realised after a few years that I was getting in a lot of bother at school, out of school, and home. Something wasn’t quite right for me.
I guess the Army ways had brainwashed me into thinking drugs, music and certain things were really bad.

But little did I know at the time I had completely forgotten that I had already tried cannabis just before I went to high school to try and treat my symptoms of ADHD/Autism/OCD at the age of 11-12. (At this age I didn’t know what any of these were). My friend had ADHD and that’s all I knew.

Eventually after going to school for a long time with smokers and cannabis smokers I got somewhat affiliated better and got to know terms and words and prices etc, it was a fun danger and a risky excitement.
One day walking home from school I looked at this electric box at a bus stop and instantly seen a cigarette box and a brown lump!
I knew what it was right away.. Ding!
In the pocket it goes!
And off home.
Called my Bro’ and told him all about it..
we met up with those who dared and got so fuckin’ high in this little play park and loved every fucking moment of it with extreme bliss and awe!

It was a damn great experience and feeling when I first smoked that hash again. I literally had never felt so happy and calm, still, and focused before. I had a good meal that night after running about and climbing trees like most kids did on summer nights.

I was finally happy for once.
I was finally “good” for once.
I was aware, awake, in tune, I was… Me.
“Ah sleep!!?? There you are” 🙏✌🏼

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Later that week I pinched some tobacco and papers from my mums tin and proceeded to take a further risk at home! She could never find out!! Not ever!!!
But that didn’t stop me.. nah I was a man on a mission to explore the realms of the mind and the effects of this new wonder feeling I was smoking. Why did it appeal to me so much??

I guess I always knew I was anxious and angry at times and seeked something to calm me and lull me, but nothing really seemed to work for me, they tried to brush it off and make me believe that these following things were good for me with years of: 👇🏼

-Pharma Meds.. (amphetamine)
-Sessions with Dr - “Talk Boy!!! Why won’t you talk??”
-“You’re just a bad boy!”
-“You’ll never succeed!”
-“Why do you act like that?”
-“Smile! It might never happen”
-“You’re the baddest boy in school”
Etc etc etc..
-You’re arrested for possession of cannabis and you’re going to prison… 😭

Now in 2023 - 10 years later after spending 16months in prison in 2013 - I have been dreaming about my dream medicine tnat could one day be legalised for me to use - to maintain the most creative, functionable and practical life I could ever live -
Well…. it is now finally legalised for medicinal purposes and I have just become a patient at a Uk 🇬🇧 clinic.

I am truly chuffed to now be relieved of more than 10 years of my dreaming for legal weed since I first ever tried it in 2004 as a pre-teenager..
I am proud to have come this far and it’s crazy to think I am now receiving cannabis on medical prescription for my conditions and I am feeling 100%%
Oh Yeah Baby!!

I always said it would take 10years or so..

“ 😜give it another 10 years and see what’s down the line in 2033!!! “

Many thanks,
Danaidh B
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Thank you for reading my story.


First time I tried cannabis, I didn't even know how to inhale, so it had no effect on me. Second time I was ready. I remember it felt like someone swinging me around while they were holding my arms, and I left so hard until I fell off my chair! Good times.;)



Grats on getting to the patient phase of your journey. Hopefully the cannabis does you right, and gets you sorted. Have a great day/evening.


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Thanks! Yeah it was all pretty quick. I would defo recommend to anyone in the UK who needs it. Great service