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What up Smokers, hows everyone doing today? Chillin' I hope! This video I am doing a long over due review of the SAIONARA ATOMIZER available at Foggy's Vapor as their Foggy 420 atomizer.

Seeing how I have been keeping touch with Foggy's even through this whole Covid-19 thing. Seeing our Cards in the display case beside the vape head I use frequently the thought of doing a review crossed my mind.

This is an excellent device for vaping shatter. With the new coil design the shatter does not seem to jump away from the heat as much and also does not leak below. There is a decent amount of room to load the chamber but seems to only hold a good 3-5 hits depending on how hot your run device.

I have yet to have a coil burn out completely which is the number one thing with this device, minimal loss due to design of coil. All the other heads I have used have smaller wire for coils which when getting gummy over heat and burn out. The SAIONARA ATOMIZER coils are designed with heavier wire which can handle a long burn even when trying to burn off a caked coil.


Till Next Time Stoners

Smokem' If Yea Gottem'


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Yes my audio is messed up ... did the best I could with the footage after the external mic messed up 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️