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Let me start off with explaining my background in baking. I hate baking at home, enjoyed it as a kid but that was the learning and experimenting in a good laid out kitchen at my childhood home. My mother had my father redo it when we first moved in, she was the country style family cook and needed the room and layout for her normal daily activities. My experience comes from working in the wholesale baking industry thus I never did get accustomed to smaller less ideal spaces.


In the wholesale baking industry we have "Mise en Place" which means "putting in place" or as I always said it meant "keep your shit organized" sometimes implying "pull head from ass, wipe shit from eyes!" 😅 large scale baking is no joke! I started at a grocery store which I thought was small and found out after the fact they were most likely one of the largest producing smaller bakeries around still doing full mix recipes. I learned to move right from the get go, to hustle and time things to perfection. I found that my attention to detail and intense focus from smoking weed was an essential asset so seldom did I show up sober. Key for maximizing efforts is and always will be understanding accepted margin of error!


Weights of ingredients, mixing times, portioning of product, bake times everything has a margin of error.... except one fucking thing that we get swamped with at the busiest possible flipping time of the year surrounded by a million products all needing finest detail work... those days where you can hardly break away for a drink of water never mind sneak away for a Jamaican Coffee and without the focus boost she does dwindle...



A bakers worst nightmare, the sugar cookie among everything else having to be done, even one extra rotation in a deck over is one to many and one too few they will be inedible. Our oven was quick with the 7 decks it had, the thing is 14' X 14' deep and wide while being 18' long, but not quick enough. One rotation to many or stopping to long on another product throwing the rotation timing out would mean they would either be under baked a little or come out completely black. Each time something like this would happen it was essentially the bakers on the spot call to try save them knowing with 30 seconds left on the clock very little could be done!


My solution required the utmost attention so often I would put baking those cookies at the end of the day where nothing else will disrupt my focus, just in case someone messes with my oven ya know that time during the day where I can go sneak off and not worry about 😎. If things don't time right, sometimes oven temp fluctuations will cause issues also, I will try back track the oven 50% of the time I feel the cookies are under baked. Turning the oven backwards to then allows for browning to occur the only issue is by doing this you choose to sacrifice the last shelf as it is always quicker to load then to take out and a quick load means less variance in baking.... and more time outside 💨


AHG just thinking of the holiday season makes me cringe! I am so glad that career is behind me and I can laugh while...


Reminiscing Of My Baked Baker Complexities

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They can be only due to sugar burning so easily once caramalized, no sweat bro thanks for participating!