THC and NFT: Rising Star Hive Blockchain Game

As I sit here enjoying my Lemon Skunk strain (though the flavor could be better the effects are nice); I just started playing a new game Rising Star. Well it's new to me as it's been out for several months.

Rising Star is a fun idle game where you start out a busker and work your way up t a full blown rick star. Gameplay is very intuitive, simple and great for people like me who are new to Hive and blockchain gaming in general.

Right now I am playing as a free player and using cards and Starbits that I earn to leverage into more cards. I do plan on purchasing some cards though ie pizza box). I want to play as a free player first so I understand the experience so when I make posts about this game I will have more experience as a free player and have tips and tricks to share.. Plus it's fun for me to earn my way through games.

I plan to post video and other updates on this game. I just wanted to share it with you now because I am having so much fun with it.

If you are interested in playing, please use the link posted below. It is an affiliate link and I may earn Starbits (the game's currency) if you join using this link:

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