BTC ATH & Its Influence On HIVE & HE Tokens

If you look at the Current Market Price Of BitCoin (BTC) you can see it has a super chance to break the next major resistance level at $50,000.
The current BULL trend of BTC, the Alpha of the crypto world already influenced Alt-coins into a bull market trend as well. As a result of that HIVE & HIVE DOLLAR (HBD) also shown stronger against US Dollar Price.

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BTC All Time High ($48,310)

On Feb. 8, the car manufacturer (Tesla) caught the crypto world off-guard by committing a cool $1.5 billion into Bitcoin (BTC). As a result of that BitCoin super-passed $48,000 & settled at $44,000. Then again it got more attention by the news of "A Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) for investment firm Accelerate Financial has been approved in Canada".
Therefore, it's super exciting to see where it goes next. And all these moves are supporting Altcoins to gain more attention & bullish trends in the crypto market.

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When you check the Recent Hive Market Price you can see it trades around the $0.22 price level & HIVE has shown stronger resistance against BitCoin spike as well. This sense, it has a huge potential to reach $0.3 during this bull market time.

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When you consider the current trends of BitCoin, HIVE & other Altcoins, we can see HIVE-ENGINE Tokens have been weakened against this crypto bull trend. Comparatively these tokens are stronger against $, but they have lost against its based currency HIVE.

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When you follow the top 20 tokens in the Hive-Engine, most of them are weaken against its based currency HIVE. But we should not forget HIVE still more-than half-way down to its ATH of $0.95. Therefore, this might lose the trustworthiness of investors on HE Token projects.
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