dCity Digest Issue #8 : Another Day, Another SIM



dCity is still poppin' today but so are the higher taxes. They are not as bad as they were the other day when earnings were down to negative SIM, although you would still earn zero and not have anything taken, plus you tax refund. Mine was 1 SIM, it usually is.


If we can get more players we should be able to be able to pump the price of SIM up but we need everyone to keep playing (or enough players) and investing their SIM back into the game (or enough of it) to keep SIM from dumping. Fuck pump and dumps but yay pumps.


I have a few more WEED Farms and Dispensaries on my to buy list. 0.003 WEED a day is not much but that is still on top of the value of the cards. They also bring in some good employment and SIM income.

There are also a couple Cinema and Gym cards on my to buy list to help deal with the crime rate. It's not too high of a rate at the moment, but that will start being a bigger issue as dCity grows. Where will all the new citizens live in order to fill these new jobs? More Apartment and Home cards. Duh. Housing is important.

I'd rather fund cards that help with the issues that cause the crime before funding Police or Military cards.


Sweet, 11 SIM 3 days ago. Not that great but no negative impacts of Natural Disasters or other issues.


Riot in the streets again. Probably some dumb asses that think vaccines are the devil and elections are ran by a cabal of child blood drinkers. They're every these days, like pests.


Another day of a little bit of WEED and 11 SIM added to the bank.


A Natural Disaster caused some negative effects on dCity today. With high taxes and these disasters, dCity only brought in an 8 SIM profit today. That's still better than just the 1 SIM tax refund.


SIM Power : 392.94 SP

Total invested : 22,677 SIM
Received an Apartment as a gift which added 641 SIM to my City Value.
Current City Value : 17,666 SIM
SIM in Market : 0 SIM
SIM in the bank : 808.387 SIM
Invest Value : - 4,202.63 SIM with a current value of - 4.875 HIVE

The market is a bit down so that means the SIM market is a bit down as well, this means my dCity value dropped back down to 17,666. Not bad, still a drop.


Income 1,042, 👇down 285... still up a few from before that big rise.
Population 1199, 🔻 down 1 points
Popularity 1093, 👇 down 2 points
Education 1120 🔻 down 5 points
Creativity 1102, - No change.

Daily Ranking Reward 0.0968%, 👇 down 0.0102%

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