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FNAF NFTs soon to be on WAX all the details here I had already done this write up and just got this info.
MIAMI, May 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via InvestorWire – Today, WAX announced partnerships with a number of the world’s most well-loved entertainment brands to release digital collectibles, called NFTs, on the WAX blockchain, including:

Robotech (Funimation and Harmony Gold)
Five Nights at Freddy's (ScottGames)
Bears vs Babies (Exploding Kittens)
The Princess Bride (Act III)

These new partners join existing WAX partners that have already released hugely successful products on WAX, including Topps (Major League Baseball, Godzilla, Garbage Pail Kids), Capcom (Street Fighter), Atari, DeadMau5, Weezer, Reebok, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and many more. Additionally, beginning in June of this year, Funko has announced that it expects to launch Funko Pop! NFTs using WAX’s powerful blockchain platform.

Now FNAF good god the WAX price will be through the roof fairly soon I thought $0.25 USD was high wait until these projects get started.

Original write up

WAX is constantly undergoing changes, to both the system functionality as well as the myriad of projects and Dapps on WAX. So todays write up is a brief glimpse into some of their more recent changes and announcements.


This is a issue anyone new to WAX will encounter and even those of us like myself with a little more experience with the WAX BlockChain system sometimes struggle with. Which is I'm sure why recently WAX cloud wallet recently had this on their news feed.

You probably should read it its fairly helpfull but ill try to summarize some of the key notes.

Staking This allows customers to continue transacting on the WAX Blockchain without running out of CPU and NET resources, rather than waiting for the pools to be replenished the following day. This is something I recommend everyone dose so your transactions are facilitated regardless of the number of transactions that day which takes away from the publicly available system resource pool.

CPU and NET do not facilitate all transactions typically the System RAM is needed for several features like selling asset generation and smart contact execution like alien worlds staking and mining for instance.

RAM is storage needed for your personal information and collectibles to be stored on the blockchain.

Ram must be purchased and isn't something you can stake WAXP to get but you spend or burn WAXP to get RAM. (according to them this is temporary but I have been there four months and it doesn't show signs of changing any time soon.)

Though this is a little less information as I'm attempting to summarize for more information on the differences and usage of RAM CPU & NET try this video.

Staking also opens up the opportunity for customers to earn WAXP staking rewards and vote on community proposals. There are three types of voting for customers to take part in, as well as varying “vote strengths’’ to take into consideration.

Guild Voting: Stake a fixed amount of your WAXP to vote for guilds. As an example, 1,000 staked WAXP Tokens would allow 1,000 votes to be assigned each for up to 30 unique guild candidates.

Proxy Voting: customers can select a designated proxy who will then vote for you by using your staked WAXP. This earns you WAX Staking Rewards. Please note that a proxy cannot refresh your vote weight when they vote on your behalf; rather, you must refresh your vote for the proxy you choose in order to regain full vote weight capacity. Voting once per week is recommended to max out rewards.

Proposal Voting: Staked WAXP tokens will allow you to vote on community proposals at WAX Labs (labs.wax.io). These proposals are submitted by others in the WAX Community in an effort to add features and improve the experience for everyone.

To access most of the voting functionality and rewards generated by staking use:
You cant claim the geniuses block staking reward through the cloud wallet interface.
See the staking reward in the cloud wallet is just the Voting reward for staking WAXP but you also get the Genesis block reward for staking which can be found here:


wax.blocks.io is also where you can handle un staking WAXP (3 days) set a Proxy for you vote, or voting on a WAX guild usually representing a Dapp or Group on WAX

Other staking on WAX

This isn't news more of an update on my experiments with a couple of WAX Dapps and their respective Staking options.

Rplanet has got to be a big surprise for me at least. I stake WAX NFTs to Rplanet to generate AETHER , 2 weeks ago I decided to focus on AETHER generation instead of it being just a passive interest focus on it and try to generate as much AETHER I could a hour.

In a 24 hour period I currently generate 4,344 AETHER, for the number of NFTs I have staked. The reward balance above is after 2 days Earlier I sold 20,000 AETHER for 38 WAX because the WAX price dipped but ATHER did not this works out to in ideal conditions $7.60 USD for 5 Days of Staking My NFTs.

Keep in mind my NFT collection staked to Rplanet is worth quite a bit but I bought in an ideal market so the appraised value of my 105 staked NFTs is much more then I paid.

Not every collection is stake able to Rplanet but KOGS is a goo place to start as the market dropped out recently and with the phase 3 launching soon the assets will likely go up in value and Rplanet is a good place to let them appreciate in value Win Win.

The other project I have been experimenting with staking and mining is Alien worlds they just made asset combining cheaper TLM requirements but I feel as though I have covered this Dapp a lot lately so ill move on but asset merging is something to look into if you play Alien worlds.

Carbon impact NFTs

WAX has always been a more energy efficient means of NFT production since it first came online. Understanding this aspect of energy efficient asset generation of projects like EOS, HIVE, & WAX in comparison to ETH or BTC is one of the reasons I have been a fan of all of them.

Part of the publics limited issues with NFTs other then the volatility of the market is the outdated notion of power consumption being the same across the board.

This is why when projects like WAX carbon Impact NFTs make headlines I take note.
here's the official site
A quote from the site
"WAX plans to offer carbon impact NFTs on the blockchain. This will be the world’s very first, fully tradable carbon impact collectible. These NFTs will come in the form of vIRLs. vIRLs are NFTs that can be directly redeemed for a physical item or service, such as shoes, a purse, or in this case, carbon impact NFTs. For physical items, this system drastically reduces the number of delivery trucks needed, shipping and packaging costs, and gas required to deliver the product."

Here's a summarizing video

I have seen several projects similar but nothing exactly the same before and ambitions like this are a positive sign that WAX takes this issue seriously and intends to address it.

Photography WAX NFT Line

Not alot of detail here but its a step in the artistic direction on WAX which is good up until this point ETH has been here the serious ART would be auctioned off but the bar for entry there can be a little to high now a days.

So WAX having a verified project or two now devoted to digital artists cant be a bad thing.


launches in 2 days

you can get a promo NFT now though

unrelated but another free promo here

WAX is about to blow up

Five nights at Freddy's funimation and many more large names in the entertainment industry have just been announced on WAXs discord for having collections on WAX soon.

Anyone that recognized these names knows the fanbase makes baseball look tame by comparison.

Funimation and toi are two massive anime companies and robotech is a funimation NFT project on WAX launching in two days.

I wasn't aware until just now but this is why this project seemed large.
has all the details I could see $1 being WAXP price very soon Five nights at Freddys is a massive video game franchise and its getting directly involved with WAX NFTs soon according to this announcement

What I'm smoking

a Mixture of chocolate mint OG, vape THC cartridge's, and GWC

Tomorrow I go to get tested for Covid 19 as a member of my household tested positive and I have been in quarantine so it been tough to get new pot everyday like normal.

Everyone is fine just inconvenient to get smoke at the moment

Free NFT 1 time airdrop URL

I try to include a single claim airdrop URL for WAX wallet users containing free NFTs, It may only be claimed by the first lucky person to click the link. After claimed once the URL will no longer be active. The lucky reader should receive 5 NFTs if you received less then 5 check your whitelist settings.

once claimed please let other readers know in the comments it helps

Big thanks to everyone participating in these airdrops I'm glad to see they have become somewhat popular. As I said before a lot of the proceeds of these posts get rolled into my WAX account so I can afford to give away more valuable NFTs. I have even began to lessen the original NFTs in each airdrop, meaning they will either hold more value or sell much easier.

If you missed my airdrop Robotech is giving out free NFTs here
perhaps interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here. I just sold one of my legendry Gold splinterlands cards

ill probably be adding my large card to the market soon.

My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily

Other WAX projects to check out

Dark country a WAX dapp game like splinterlands a bit of a pain to sett up but this referral will give us both a pack of their NFTs upon completion of account set up. This is a fun game but you will need to download Itch to play the game but after that and the set up which I had to ditch Brave Browser for it to work the first time. The game is fairly fun think gothic diablo style card game based in a western theme so crocodiles and grizzly bears meets witches and zombies all armed to the teeth with colt revolvers and shotgun chainsaws.


Collect social an NFT collection Dapp that awards users both NFTs and WAX

also the most popular free WAX Dapp


Love your content. I grabbed the free NFT's from you. I'm going to give some to some people I have been introducing to wax.

I like the splinterland card. I didn't know you could have those on Wax. I have some starter packs that I access on the site itself. I'd love to transfer them over because I don't play.

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I'm fairly certain WAX would facilitate a transfer The starter packs are not something I'm familiar with if its a booster pack then you simply need to transfer it to a splinterlands game account then pair said account with a WAX account and the STEEM account the assets are stored on but this is just a guess
and only if its the booster pack starter packs where before I got into splinterlands as was steem


also thanks for the compliment almost forgot


Dam thanks for this, I think I get most my wax information rom you haha. I can see waxp hitting $1 soon as well and I keep staking more and more while it does


yeah NP its a blockchain that was underutilized and as such the info on most of WAX projects was sparse to say the least.

This is why I post about it so frequently to Hive and Weedcash about WAX Hive and Splinterlands gave me my first NFTs bought with proceeds made by posting to weedcash.

Here's a KOG NFT airdrop
You can stake KOGS through
staking generates AETHER which can be spent on site or traded for WAX here


O thanks, I remember hearing something about rplanet.

Kogs seems interesting they would be great if they had a "pig" style game with them


Haven't actually played the KOGs Dapp but it possible the KOGS Slammer Game play is similar to Pig they actually announced KOGS season 3 designs recently. They are one of the original WAX collections and have Tube or set staking and bounty boards for prizes for first collection of each type made.

The previous staking season just ended but they can be staked on Rplanet easier anyway