How edibles are deferent from smoking, WAX market going crazy

Weed edibles how do they work what exactly is the difference is there a difference. In this write up ill try and address each of these questions as well as take a look at some NFTs I airdropped worth much more now then they where a week ago.

real quick before I get started these really dont have any where they fit into the rest of this post. A few NFT designs that I have been working on
two and a half months of marijuana products in the image above 81 separate original cannabis images.
I'm happier with this design compared with the previous one
Given that I'm in the process of organizing both my thoughts and cannabis photos this type of thing may get to be prevalent.

Volatile market a pot NFT taking off

Little pot head that could, The NFT collection that I have been giving out frequently in my airdrops has done the impossible twice first whitelisted NFT with a secondary use case a game. Now they are soaring in value the second hurdle experienced by cannabis NFT white listed or not.
Those of you with a little pot head are in luck they have drastically increased in value across the board so the whole collection.
Not the only collection with a surprising jump either, Alien worlds NFTs are selling for more then some of the gold splinterlands cards and I have given this exact one out a few times.

Yesterday I paid to much I felt for two packs of Alien horror NFTs a little less then $60 one packs contents have sold for roughly $ 74. the second pack i purchased is sellable for
Basically doubled my money, Knowledge is powerful there is no price you can put on insight just observing a market for a few weeks especially this type of NFT market can yield surprisingly useful information.

Just observing popularity price use case number minted and burn incentives can give you a fairly sure bet.

Cartombs New use case
Speaking of which the last NFT group I would like to point out if your sitting on one from my airdrops sell it.

Cartombs recently introduced a similar asset combining system to what splinterlands has. however the limited quantity combined with this new feature has drastically increased the asset value across the board.

Edibles how do they work

Given the many different factors that come into play when determining what kind of experience you have with cannabis. Different strains, terpene profiles, CBD to THC ratios - all of these elements can have a huge impact on your experience, including how high you feel and for how long.

But one of the biggest elements that impacts your cannabis experience is consumption method.

How you consume cannabis plays a large role in your ultimate experience. For example, smoking weed and eating a cannabis edible deliver two entirely different experiences.


Assuming your smoking or vaping here is what is occurring you inhale cannabis smoke into your lungs, the active compounds, such as THC, are almost immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, making their way to the brain.

Once the THC hits the brain, it binds to receptors in the endocannabinoid system, most notably the CB1 receptors, which produces the euphoria typically associated with getting high.

Because the time between inhalation and THC reaching the brain is so short, smoking cannabis has a rapid onset. You'll feel the effects of smoking weed almost instantly about 2-5 min on average.

When ingested

Edibles will get you just as high as smoking weed, or more! But when you ingest cannabis in the form of edibles, the process of getting high is a bit different.

When you eat an edible, it passes through the digestive tract where it's then absorbed by the stomach. Cannabis' active compounds are then metabolized in the liver, where the THC is converted into 11-hydroxy-THC, a compound that is both more potent and longer-lasting than Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol.

Its this chemical shift thanks to the delivery system that can cause different affects then traditional smoking.

How to increase shelf life and potency
When edibles are concerned I am a firm believer in a simple additive, an emulsifier such as lectin.

Adding an emulsifier to the mix when making edibles results in greater structural integrity and potency distribution of the edible they can last longer when refrigerated and I believe the potency is greater.

There are multiple reasons to use lecithin when cooking up a batch of psychoactive cannabis edibles. As alluded to above one great reason is to improve the structure of your edibles. Adding lecithin to a mixture before baking will help certain particles bind together instead of rejecting each other and falling apart. For example, when making chocolate brownies or cakes, lecithin will help sugar and cocoa stick to cannabutter. Sugar and cocoa bind well with water, yet cannabutter doesn’t. Lecithin can be used to remedy this issue. Additionally, the presence of lecithin within your cannabis edibles can increase the shelf life by preventing the separation of fats and waters. This may lessen the chance of mold formation which will ruin your stash.

Perhaps the best reason to add lecithin to your edibles is one that will really get cannabis enthusiasts excited. The emulsifier can act to increase the potency of cannabis edibles in numerous ways, helping users to make the most of the weed they are using. Your body may have an easier time digesting the bound ingredients and will be able to access and digest THC and other cannabinoids more easily. As well as this, lecithin is known to be a surfactant, a compound that lowers surface tension. This fact means that lecithin helps to distribute THC and cannabinoids more efficiently.

Edibles hit slow but hard

Now that you understand how both smoking weed and edibles work, let's cover how each consumption method affects your high.

As mentioned, the process of metabolizing THC is significantly longer when you ingest an edible, typically anywhere between 45 minutes and three hours. The delayed process of absorbing and metabolizing THC means it takes longer to feel the effects.

But because 11-hydroxy-THC is both more potent and has a longer half-life than THC, once you do start feeling the effects, they're typically going to feel stronger and last longer than if you hit a joint. When you smoke weed, on the other hand, the THC almost immediately travels to the brain. That means you'll feel high almost immediately, but because of the rapid absorption of THC, your high has a shorter duration than with edibles.

While the intensity and length of your high depends on a variety of factors (including quality, dosage, and potency), a high from smoking weed typically lasts one-to-two hours whereas an edibles experience can last four-to-six hours or more.

Fun fact you can and I have woken up stoned yay science & poor life choices.

This link has my cannabutter recipe used in in a home made peanut butter cookies recipe I won a contest with this recipe last winter.

Todays buzz is brought to you by

A long list to be certain but here are the broad strokes Kratom tea wedding cake, hits off a 99% THC cartridge, a pot brownie rocking the stereotype edible. Think this is it oh yeah the last of my pineapple express weed as well.

this is sorta the reason for these weed collage style nfts I smoke the body weight of a small dog equivalent of weed 2 times a year.

Alone these separate instances dont amount to much but when you compile photos of everything you smoke it starts to sink in.

I was happy to come to this conclusion but I'm an odd person some would see a cautionary tale I just see it as damn impressive.
everything seen here smoked by me

I can airdrop right to twitter accounts now

dont know what I'm going to do with this yet but I figured out how to just gift NFTs to twitter accounts so you may want to follow me on twitter nothing yet but I think ill be utilizing this feature soon.

Collect social hits main page for wax dapps

The first social nft collection completion site is moving forward with their project quite quickly just signing in daily can earn you crypt or nfts and completing nft collections

Single claim NFT airdrop

The following link will reward the first lucky reader to click it with 5 free NFTs some white listed some not. Afterwards the URL is claimed once it will no longer be active

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4/20 Air Drop

Sorry to sound like a broken record about this but I'm just making sure all my readers know this 4/20 I'm doing my second NFT airdrop. First 42 people to leave their WAX wallet address on my Weedcash post on 4/20 Titled 4/20 airdrop get exclusive event only NFTs & a NFT joint with WAXP reward to burn.

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More free wax nfts try either of these services that could be really helpful for new users looking to get more assets


In france the occupational gov wants to jail us for plants of the creation. One day, we will kill all those who sought to deny us access to a plant, them and their offspring. One day...


It's nice to know that the NFTs on WAX are getting more uses and their values are jumping up. However I think Alien worlds price jumping up is primarily due to the Binance bridge. Currently even Alcor has disabled trading in TLM for WA as they solve some issues before the bridge goes live. So now that TLM can be traded on Binance, people want tools to farm more TLM and it as also become more profitable.

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Hey that's promising news you gave me a pothead card in an airdrop I think, and I could make some good profit it seems by selling it - that's very kind of you Brandon.

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Hello! I wanted to introduce myself to some of the weedcash community. My name is Daniel> I was an early adopter of Steemit, and I believe I was the first person blogging about cannabis on the site. I have 7 years experience working in commercial cannabis, both the cultivation, and business side. When I was active on Steemit, communities were still being developed. Now that steem is forked, I'm back to the blockchain and I'm excited to share my experience with the cannabis community here! I'll be around regularly. Keep up the good work!