Phoenix Cannabis, dear 2 growing plants. Question to myself: Should I keep them?


Phoenix Cannabis, dear 2 growing plants. Should I keep them?

Hello, fellow gardeners and all wonderful bloggers out there. I have found a place here to share some experiences and at the same time, I learn a lot about different cultures and places. My favorite things are the photographs that I get to see, and also the stories behind them of course.

Last year, by the end of winter, I attempted cultivating cannabis for the first time. I got support from people in Hive giving me advice, and I started to visualize these whole micro-communities, groups, and users who are cannabis farmers, like seriously doing that professionally and beautifully. I learned a lot from that experience, but I did not get the results that I was expecting, although it could have gone worse.

My plants were in the shadow for a large period and they grew stressed and elonging looking for the light, a friend who sent me a picture of his healthy plant, which started flowering at the third month of having it, while mines I had for 6 months and still cero indicators of starting developing the flowers. They needed the sun, and the wind, humidity, and all the right conditions.


Pictures of my old plants.

I ended up chopping my plants before moving and they were having some seeds, a male. I collected 5 of the seeds and kept them on a small pill-keeper.

2 weeks ago, I remembered where the pill-keeper was after the moving, and I found the seeds! so from the ashes of my poor but loved old cannabis, I got a second chance to grow healthy and pretty plants, a sunny space, and lots of wind, water, and all the new knowledge.

I got the seeds on a plastic container with soil, and I watered the container every two days to keep it moist and finally after one week, from the 5 seeds, I got 2 pretty seedlings.





I transplanted those seedlings to a bigger pot each, with special growing soil, and then after 3 weeks of getting a lot of this spring sun, constant water, and my love, these two cannabis plants are growing nice and steady, the size of my hand approximately. By the way, I don’t know exactly from which strain my plants are, I think that they are “Lemon Haze”, and I decided to name my plants Phoenix cannabis but it has no relation with the strains of cannabis that are called Phoenix OG, or Dark Phoenix or the others.






I want to keep taking care of those plants, but lately, I have been debating with myself and rethinking the whole situation. Being true to myself, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with cultivating one plant, and more if the use of it a proven to be beneficial to many aspects of the physical and mental health of a lot of people with conditions, chronic pain or others. Still, in Latin America, there is a lot of work to do in the legal matters, and also socially, for people from older generations to get instructed a little bit and drop down a notch the stigma and the fear that comes behind it.

I think that we would all avoid the kind of problems that you get from drug traffic, like violence, if only some South American countries would work faster in the initiative of legalizing cannabis cultivation, like in Uruguay, maybe people like me could keep on their plants without the fear of some legal consequence, which turns this hobby into something bitter.

So maybe I will keep my two plants, maybe not, who knows, my boyfriend thinks that I should keep growing pepper instead of cannabis, but I have a connection with cannabis plants, and I think that I get more productive by using it, I feel less anxious, and my body aches decreases a lot, because as I said in previous occasions, there is record of atherosclerosis in my family.

Either way, I hope you liked my post, I got inspired by showing my tiny plants to you, and I know that this time around I am still not doing this professionally, and measuring everything and obsessing with the health of my plants because I am even considering to just giving them away to someone less self-conscious than me hahaha sad :(.

Lots of good wishes for you this December, that the season might bring the best of you, to care for everyone around you, and like that we might heal a little for future times. Greetings.



If this is allowed in here, for sure I will do the planting of that for herbal medicine!