Bud Rum Cocktail Base (Cannabis Edible Recipe)

"Bud Rum can be really fun to make and enjoy in your favorite cocktail. If your cannabis is moist, dry it for 3 minutes in your oven (170°F) before you steep it. This will help release more THC!"

Cocktails. Photo by ThorstenF
Ice cold rum cocktails

Nummy nummy rummy rummy.

I enjoy bud rum added to my Summer fruitty cocktails and my Winter apple ciders. Traditionally I have never seen anyone heat the bottle after the fact (this is also dangerous since its alcohol. be careful). We always just allow the cannabis to sit and infuse for a long period of time, a couple week or so. Or, we decarbed the bud before adding it in.

Ingredients List :

  • 8 grams cannabis
  • 750 milliliters (a fifth) of light 80-proof rum

Bud rum is easy to make and easy to get crossfaded with, so be careful with your dosages and enjoyment of this ingredient when adding it to your next cocktail.

Berry Cocktail

Cannabis infused rum was probably my first tincture too.

Get the recipe from Herb : https://herb.co/recipes/bud-rum/

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Photos by ThorstenF and Free-Photos