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What's up Weed Nerds? Sorry I could not get the HIGHlights up yesterday. Been pretty busy with work, and helping coach my son's baseball team. It is such a blast! 10 years ago if you would tell me that I would be a father of 3 wonderfull boys, and then coaching a Pee-Wee baseball team, I would've never believed it. Life is great, and I owe a lot of my success to cannabis! So if you are ever wondering why our community is so passionate, stories like these are the reason why. You know what else I would of never believed if you told me 5 years ago? The fact that I am able to make a little $ online by talking about what I love! The Hive Blockchain is such an amazing place, and anyone can join in on the fun. All it takes is hard work, and dedication. So if you are reading this, and wondering how to be successful here, here are a few tips..

  • Put effort into your content
  • Comment
  • Be consistent

Of course there are other ways, but above is the simple one IMO. Oh yeah, most of all have fun! Find your community, and participate. Because your not going to get crypto rich, but you just may make a friend or two, and that is what it's really all about!!

hbd to me 😋✨🥂🎇


Happy Birthday to an OG, and my friend LOONA!

Day 50 of flower


If you have not been following along DerangedVisions over the years, then you are missing out!

Here with these plant beasts talking before the harvest


Screenshot (272).png

Slowly but surely Jakiro is cutting his beast of a plant down!

A day off...???


Screenshot (273).png

That joint sounds so perfect right now!

Wasps, flowering and pots / Avispas, floración y macetas


I am so impressed on how perfect these leaves are. Whatever Happy is doing, it is 100% correct!!

I love colorful buds



Just amazing!

Organic Fertilizers and Natural Insecticides /Part 1 English/Spanish


Some really good information here!

WEED NIGHTMARE an illustration for a Tuesday night


This can really be true for some people, respect the herb!

weedcash grower update outdoor clone in sun san diego + if any hive users over 21 with ID visit san eiego ill take you to the dispensary if you need help/guide! Ill even help you convert WEED/HIVE to cash to buy actual legal cannabis!


Ackza getting a great head start for the outdoor grow season. Hopefully we can see what that San Diego sun can do!

A friend with Weed....


Is a friend indeed!

Two Bad Stories


It is still hard to believe that cannabis is very much illegal in most of the world!

blabla by loona



Update 9 (Big Mack Superstar & Miracle Mack)


We are going to see some impressive plants this year!

Organic Fertilizers Part 2: Banana Tea (English/Spanish)



Just Scored A Load Of Cheap Runtz Dabs



That is not a side of dipping sauce folks, that is some potent medicine!

DreamOn's GrowLog [Transplanting seedlings] 🌱


The seedling stage is the most crucial stage. What Dreamon is doing here is very impressive!

Watts Up Maine


Nothing like some BBQ, and herb!



Going to leave this week's HIGHlights with a cool, and easy contest. Good luck!

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I hope to find friends and become part of the most amazing community...I know what fun is🤣