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Great read @ganjafarmer, people think I'm crazy when I start ranting about how the Mexican cartels are running the border and stockpiling fentanyl and meth. I am a survivor of the war on drugs. I have been sober for over three years now. I dont know if you are familiar with what is happening in Kensington area of Philadelphia. See Im
Im sure you know that Carfentanyl can be released as a chemical weapon.
anyway great read have a great day

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Yep the issue of overdoses is not with prescription medication it is with these Chinese poor quality chemical cocktails.

Between methamphetamine as well as fentanyl.

Though only group that has gone on record saying that they were going to use the same economic warfare model using opiates because of the western bleeding of China with opium.

Yeah opium addiction is nowhere near what we are looking at for this fentanyl and methamphetamine crisis.

It's completely being set up to destabilize the West Coast.

However the United States needs to legalize all drugs and allow people to self medicate with quality opiates or any other substance that they want.

That was the reason why Americans were so scary because we had no drug laws as well as no firearms laws...