Marijuana Flowering Period


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In general, plants with male sex will experience a flowering period earlier than female plants. In male flowers to ensure that pollen reaches the pistil, male flowers will grow very tightly with the growth of pollen that is dense in the armpit of the leaves or shoots of plants, pollen will fall after the pollen which is left in it is pleasured into the air or olen has bloomed.


whereas in flowering female plants it will take 2-3 months or even more if the plants do not experience pollination until the season changes (outdoor cultivation), female plants will continue to produce flowers if pollination does not occur which results in plants producing seeds.


Marijuana growers generally have different goals. If you aim to glorify the cannabis plant by regeneration, the crossing between types of cannabis will be very interesting and full of surprises because the type we cross will produce seeds that we have not predicted and hope from plant breeding is to get the highest quality seeds. male plants with good quality and type will be very necessary for farmers who produce seeds.


It is different if farmers want Sinsemilla cultivation which is only plants with female sex that produce THC in high levels, the cultivator must immediately burn the male plant when it has indicated its sex before pollen blooms and cause pollen released into the air.

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