Natural plants-Free market/Black market/Regulated market

Hey everyone in natural medicine 🌿

Today I want to discuss the weed market and the weed as a plant πŸ€

In my opinion, weed plants should be legal everywhere because first of all is a natural plant!

  • So why should you forbid someone to grow something that nature provides you.
    It's a personal choice if you want to use something or no!

As of now, weed is legal in many countries like the USA, Netherland in Europe and I assume in some more countries that I'm not familiar with...

As they Proceeding in the USA YOU CAN SMOKE as long as you don't abuse it and drive or in some kind of regulations, of course for many people is even a pleasure to smoke and drive.

  • This may not apply to a younger generation that is abusing the plant πŸ€

A few reasons it's better to be legal, this way you can grow your plants and you can know what you smoke.

  • compared to the black market, you can buy something, but you don't know what you are buying and smoking.

That's why I think this should be a free and regulated market everywhere!

I'm gonna give an example here!

I don't like to pay 5 times the price of something very cheap.

For example, last time I paid $7 for less then half a gram!


The Time before that I paid $7 for 1.1 gram...


Every time this is different because of the market we have!

In a regulated market that's not gonna happen!
I will be able to enjoy my stuff!


Share in the comments your opinion about this, more than welcome to see your feedback.

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Enjoy your smoke people!


I think that everything is precisely in the market of drugs that are considered legal, although it is true that there is much interest in medicinal plants, especially the one you mention, there is also a large pharmaceutical industry that tells people that they should only consume the chemicals they produce, the benefits of plants have been proven ancestrally and if there are those who abuse them in other aspects but there is also a good part of the world population that uses their health benefits. Good critical stance on your part.


Well first it is still illegal in the us. Only a handful of states has legalized it. I would say it would be more ideal to decriminalize it, and have the government keep their hands off, and leave it for the people.

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