Buying weed vs growing your own medicine plant.

Hey you Hivers!

Weedcash community!

I shared that I’m starting 3 plants on my own…
In my previous post here:
Can't wait for them to become a big mature plant.

But for the summer to come, I still have to pay for my smoke.
Unfortunately, I do live in a country where the benefits of weed are not understood yet!

So owning and smoking it makes it illegal somehow.
No matter that each one of us should be able to decide for himself if he need/wants or likes to smoke at all.

  • As long as you are in full control of your own body/perception and being able to manipulate yourself around the reality.
    That we are here to experience.

I think that way they are denying us our human right to make a decision for ourselves as free human beings!


And here it is!
The beautiful spirit of a different experience.
Marijuana can help us understand/see/experience reality in a way that we forgot:

  • Due to television and the surrounding environment…



And here is my preparation.
Those are 5lv. From our currency 💴
That is equal to $2.66 nearly.
My smoke cost 4 times that…


And that is just so I can roll 2 cigarettes of those mixed with tobacco 50/50


At the end of the day, the creator of the matrix gives us those medicine plants, so we can take the benefits out of them.
So they have to be fully legal and give us the right to grow our own if we like to.

Ancient traditions have used it, we keep on using it on spiritual journeys.

So legalize the weed!

Until my babies grow big plants 🌱 by the end of the summer:
That is the way it is.

Keep on enjoying your own products.
Buying never can give you the feeling that your own grown plant can give you!

Bless you, all 🙏

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Majority of things you are saying have to be accepted by humanity!
Every single plant on this earth have his purpose of course!
The ancient Indians of America know many secrets about the nature around us and what can provide us with as a medicine.
We are losing the knowledge!

Namaste 🙏

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