Let's Grow Them Together #196 ~ Activities in my other two tents

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Hey everyone,

Day 28 of flowering stacking up four Horchatas (Compound) and three Don mega (Seed bank). These are coming along nicely , tall and firm. While Red velvet (Grandi Flora) is growing a little slow, got coming along in the next run. For this tent I have used 650 8 bar led lights and EC is kept around 900 ppm.

In the next 4 x 4 tent, I have used the new lights of Horticulture Lighting Group's Scorpion far red leds dimmed to 900 - 1000 ppfd at the top side. Meanwhile, also added an UVA bar to the flowering section. In this tent, we got clones of four Red velvets, two Horchatas, two Don mega and will switch them tonight. The new lights suits the environment beautifully.

Generally, I keep the pH at 5.8 in the veg stage to 6.3 at the end of flower. My ppm being 800 - 900 in the most tents. For feeding purpose, I usually feed them floraflex nutrients once a day two hours after the lights are on and are kept till I reach 10 to 15% run off but I haven't checked my runoffs ppms in ages.

Keep on Growing! ✌

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