Let's Grow Them Together #198 ~ Keeping lights dimmed and perfect

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Hey everyone,

Day 35 for four Horchatas (Compound) and three Don mega (Seed bank) and one Red velvet(Grandi flora). Looking perfectly nice in this 4 x 4 tent under the Floraflex 650 8 bar led. Red velvet is the single seed while the most tallest of all as well in this house.

On the other hand, into day 7 of flower under HLG Scorpion far red edition adding UVA xl bar on top. Here particularly for this tent I kept power at 60 % in this veg stage and 80 % for flower. Now it is kept at 80 %, and think that will work better. And to check the ppfd, using a light meter, just to be clear that I'm getting 900 - 1000 ppfd at this flowering stage. Before, I kept it around 400 - 600 during the veg phase without CO2. CO2 would push my cost to the next level lol! Just imagine, introducing CO2, and pushing the light intensity to 1500 ppfd... Which I think is not necessary at this moment. We have here four Red velvets, two Horchatas, two Don mega.

Lights play a vital role in growing, so I kept the setting dimmed according to that. The potentiometer of the Scorpion far red kept at 8th position(580 watts) now at flowering, while it was 6th(460) during the veg. Physically placed about 18 inches and 24 inches respectively.

DLI is something which cannot be ignored as too much light or too little can ruin a crop and all our efforts.

Keep on Growing! ✌

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