Let's Grow Them Together Update #181 ~ Grandpa stash swinging mildly on Day 58

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Hey everyone,

In this particular 4 x 4 tent, growing Granpa stash and two different phenos, eight in total. I try to keep the temperature at 79 to 81 degrees in the tent. Trying to push the ambient air temperature of 72 through the bottom up of the tent, while being exhausted outside. The plants are absolutely loving it, and swinging mildly.

We are into day 58 here, and growing under HLG 600 rspec kit, growing genetics from ethos.

2 x 4 1.png

2 x 4 2.png

I would also like to add a few shots from my 2 x 4 tester tent. Into day 38 of flower now, here for lemon OG haze, and few End game's, all from ethos as well.

Thanks! ✌

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