Let's Grow Them Together #199 ~ New look after a heavy strip

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Hey everyone,

Here again with another new grow update, almost after a week and so much to show and say. Excited with my new pairs, and the other tent is nearly gearing up, all to the harvest. Though, rushing is not the way, and waiting for three to four weeks on this one.

We have four Horchatas (Compound) and three Don mega (Seed bank) and one Red velvet(Grandi flora) into day 42 (at the time of recording), but now day 43. The Floraflex 650 8-bar led lights have been dimmed down to a nice suitable range.

In the next 4 x 4 tent, we have four Red velvets, two Horchatas, and two Don mega, into day 15 now. Had done some heavy stripping which I usually do on day 20 but sometimes on day 14 as well. All I want is to drive the energy to the tops, resulting in receiving more light and producing more buds. I estimate all will look normal in just 4 weeks as if I did nothing haha! That's a grower's magic and this is called crop steering. I was amazed at the results when I tried this for the first time despite my hesitation.

Keep on Growing! ✌

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