Testing new AC Infinity lights ~ Let's Grow Together #221

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Time to try out the new #acinfinity 4 bar 11" Samsung lights and upgrade the T5 lights as they keep blowing the bulbs out. A bit costlier choice than the old Floraflex 650 8 bar or the HLG lights but it seems this will not disappoint me, or I really hope so. Meanwhile, the installation was pretty easy and each light bar has its own magnetic ends that can expand directly to the t5 case. The light is set at 100 - 200 ppfd trying to maintain the intensity of the T5, which looks fine at this stage. Although, I do have to increase the intensity according to the spread in the coming days. It sure seems like there we got more red light than what we had under 4K HLG light, so yes Samsung 5K and 3K leds are racing up the game.

We will see how this outperforms the older sets...

Till then, Keep on Growing! ✌

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