Horchatas and Red velvet stripped ~ Let's Grow Together #225

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Just checking into my 2 x 4 tent, sorry for the loud noise from the fan. We are today into day 28 of flowering, right after the strip. Basically, I took off that is anything with a stem longer then an inch and stripped the bottom 1/3 of the plant. If I want more support on stretch, then probably I need to strip it again on day 40 or 45. Meanwhile, I kept the floraflex 650 beam lights at 40% power in order to achieve 1000 ppfd at the canopy.

The two Horchatas from Compound genetics and two Red velvet from Grandi flora are looking beautiful post strip. The Bush doctor Coco loco plotting mix by Fox farm is getting along nicely with floraflex nutrients, and I am likely to use it furthermore on my other running tents.

Thanks for taking the time to watch.

Till then guys, Keep on Growing! ✌

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