An update on my True Living Organic x Natural Deep Water Culture grow prototype.


Welcome back! I've got an exciting update regarding my prototype grow system. I can demonstrably prove that this is a true no watering system. The wicking effect is working better than I could have hoped. Once the plants are on the platforms in the water, I never have to water again.

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With this being the case, the plants are always at optimal water uptake while also maximizing nutrient uptake. No more risk of root rot, no more watering, and no more slow growth from inconsistent watering. The plant takes as much as it needs!


With the constant presence of a sustained microbial population, the plant's genetic potential is maximized in this system. Since the living deep water culture system supports an entire food web within itself, it constantly lends its microbial populations to the plant which allows for maximum nutrient uptake as well as diversity of nutrient types which is necessary for maximum yields and terp production.


In the end, what you get is an extremely low maintenance system, sustainable nutrient generation via self sustained microbial populations, maximized rate of growth, yields, immunology, pest resistance, and with absolutely minimal intervention which speaks to this system's scalability.



Given time, I will be testing the scalability of the system as I continue to expand my grow and test the limits of what I believe to be possible when working in synchronicity with nature in her many facets.