There are myriad reasons why shiny things always end up being better than what I expected. A Dynavape review, sort of.

They say pain comes in a variety of ways. Coming from someone or self inflicted feelings. I think from my point of view my pain is self inflicted even though I was not the one who was standing on top of me digging their heel and toes onto my back muscles.

I take full responsibility since I signed up for it and even paid that person to do it. I am not regretting it but damned near want to just go back to bed the whole day since my shoulders are feeling some sort of burn. Not the work out type of burn. The burn that lingers under the skin. Straining every time I move my limbs.

Even my glutes feel like they have been abused hard.

Get your head out of the gutter.

Why am I here?

Well I finally got my new equipment.


My only concern with this is I have to be mindful of the amount of herb I put on it. There is a way to reduce the capacity . You basically pull the whole thing apart and a tube within the cavity of the whole unit is used to push a cylinder at the tip. Only thing is, it is not level and goes at an angle.

Is it good?

Well I have used it once I received it and yes it is good. Using an ordinary lighter the unit actually heated up pretty quickly. There is an audible clicking sound once it is sufficiently heated. The vapor that you get is quite decent. In fact I like how the size of it resembles a cigarette. I mean I am not going to lie. I am prone to having a puff or two of the good old tobacco.

This thing is pretty classy too since the unit is pretty shiny. From the blurb given by the manufacturers it is good clean stainless steel. The sheen is good.

Can you use another lighter type?

Yes. You can use a blowtorch lighter. I must warn you though. Make sure you pay attention to the click. And do not. I repeat do not over do the heating once you hear it click. Or you will find out what carbon tastes like. After my initial trial with a normal lighter I used my blowtorch lighter and man. I was coughing my guts out.

Now if that is what you like. A burned taste in the mouth then you can do it but for me? No thank you. I am using a vaporizer for a reason. To get that good benefits of the herb without having to worry about carbon. I don't mind an occasional rollie but this one here. I can honestly say, I recommend it.

Is there a fair amount of vapor?

Why yes, there is in every take you pull into your lungs. It is not as thick as what you would get when you do an oil vape but that is not the whole point of this unit. It is the dry herb you are looking for. The smoke effect is decent. It is visible. It is there to be admired. As for the taste, there is hint of taste but not a lot. Then again if I really want to taste it I would just as fast make some edibles.


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ouch! sorry for the burn.

that lighter? looks super cool tho.. like a little lightsaber.