weedcash grower update outdoor clone in sun san diego + if any hive users over 21 with ID visit san eiego ill take you to the dispensary if you need help/guide! Ill even help you convert WEED/HIVE to cash to buy actual legal cannabis!


my plant i out outside is acclamated to the sunlight and is now growing larger.

san diego sunlight in spring and summer fan grow plants HUGE like my ole steemit posts you can search for on google images "steemit ackza 707 headband " etc


if anyone visits san diego and is over 21 with ID and wants a tour of local dispensary @harborcollective @harbormmcc just call me on telegram: ackza ane ill be happy to take you there if youre a hive @weedcash user

they have nice deals you can see on weedmaps ... like 23 dollar 8ths and 20 dollar 10x 10mg kushypunch and 5 dollar pre rolls but the best deal is probably the
quarter ounce or half ounce deals under 100