Start sending EOS weed tokens via to snoopdogg in replies to his crypto nft tweets! Ask him to post on weedcash and make posts ABOUT your tipping of snoop FOR uo to 1p weedcash upvotes and 20 cent hive upvotes from me! Ill get you $10 at a time


Ok man lets contact snoop dogg and send him some weedcash on eos



We all need to learn to do this and make posts about snoop dogg on weedcash untill he gives in and posts here maybe after a new mobile app deal where he makes 1 post every month to promote his cannabis products at dispensaries and upvote us if we buy and post them on weedcash DUH

Weedcash for california is so perfect .. and weedcash dac on TELOS DECIDE will fund actual proposals for legalization political campaigns around the red states and conservative areas that deserve sanctuary cities with highly taxed cannabis so people can try it in controlled settings . We will respect some nations conservative attitudes but we will also help individuals buy uo private land and defend it with space force smart contracts and start their own countries with cannabis industry profits in an entire weedcash comoany town

Or send me some weed while im on mobile to eos account tipitaccount memo 5;1174900228807225345

But best to to do this yourself

Now i just need a few eos weed so i can hurey and tip snoop dogg some weed and send him an nft link over twitter or send it to his twutter via wax nfts which tipit now xheck it out @richardcrill

Ok look at this


Send him weedcash via

Just in a reply to snoops tweet do
@tipitbot +tip 1 weed

And thats ut

Lets all do this and send him nfts via DM with wax nft link and FLOOD him with weed tokens and @richardcrill and @acidyo and his @poshbot will help upvote and record the tweets ! And we can just make weedcash prime directive to FLOOD SNOOP with weedcash posts

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@tipitbot +tip 1 SAND I'll have my #weedcash family flood u with @weedcashnetwork $WEED tokens. I have 40,000. is the instagram of #cannabis on $eth $eos $telos $hive frontend sidechain + Eosio smart contract coming to @HelloTelos through @pNetworkDeFi ?


Grimes is so perfect

I niw yave to work so hard to finish my anti poverty abd gealthcare hive doctor 3d body dcannerd in every ststem art cryoto ubi systrm

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