My parents airbnb guests left a 100mg kiva lost farms edibles for me in the room! (I want to leave stack of weedcash instructions at my dispensary+ we need btc to hive swap embed on weedcash wallet outpost html!)


My parents airbnb guests left a 100mg edible in the room!


Lol I already got them to start leaving small wine bottles in the room

Now we may leave a small card with Information for delivery from @harborcollective @harbormmcc so they can call and get deliveries while at their airbnb here in san diego which is a part of our tourist industry

I think it would be cool to leave some weedcash cards stickers with instructions at the airbnb room and at the dispensary and ya know a lot of customers would be happy to signup and earn bitcoin by posting their weed and I'll give them a deal of free uovotes when referencing harbor collective products on @20230228_094255.jpgweedcash

Ya... earning Bitcoin by way of weed and hive rewards from leaving posts about tour dispensary purchase on weedcash would be a good tempting deal for harbor collective dispensary customers

Thinking about putting up some Craigslist ads and jobhunting into ship in ads saying inahev some UNOQID internships with opportunity to earn whatever crypro ofr content in an automated sociap media payment system called hive and weedcash

I can probably find plenty of local young people into cannabis and who are good writers and bloggers gapoy to srart earning by workinv fow eedcash as an intern for An hour a day or so

And they CAN earn btc and exchange hive and weedcash to btc withoit any KYC using after collecting like 25 bucks or 50 hive or so to start a minumum trade. No one posting abiut cannabis aninymously should have to do kyc on blocktrades or any crypto exchange

So we have changenow and one day we can have a tool on weedcash wallet to auto swap weedcash to hive , withdraw the swswap.hive ro REAL hive and use to convert hive ro btc and make it all as easy as a one click link maybe going to a service i can build with some html, changenow embed and a keychain login

Don't forget my Thiagore readers signing up through my eos advertising links, weedcash can be withdrawm to eos weed and swapped for main net eos tokens on defibox and

I hope we get a ACTUALLY working pegged erc20 WWEED and more impotantly BWEED on bsc which is what we need the most robget weedcash i. Peoppes hands on on metamask and in pancakeswap

Obviously kucoin would be too expensive and many exchanges would not allow weedcash bevause its "drug related" so it's just another reason for weedcash ro embrace they Dex culture which WILL. pay off

Oh and it's near impossible to use this weedcash or any hive outpost site on a mobile phone through keychain should encourage us sign in With posting keys on regular browser

Anyway im going to maybe buy 10 hive worth of weedcash soon maybe more whej I buy some LVL with my next cash injection of 711 cAshapp paper moneu deposit into hive engine

Yeah do about changenow, let's embedd this chamgenow swap box into the weedcash wallet page in the outpost html code (on github yes? I usEd ro fork nitrous to add things custom like a youtube video in my hive condensor nitrius with the help of @eonwarped

And the wallet page. Should have a button to swap weed ro swap.hive and automaticly withdraw the hive when its done and then you're changenow box embedded in screen should allow you to start a trade with keychain so like blocktrades it shows how much hive you have and auto calculates the Btc and has a saved btc wallet ready for you , imagine if we had a or cashapp referal link and instructions fornhow deposit to either and have a debit card to sell you rewards and withdraw them

Then we can have users getting paid bitcoin with a few clicks

Obviously theyll say why not use dwapdwap.btc and a simple weed ro swap.btc pool? Swap.btc is trash with terrible prices amd you need anninsame amount to withdraw like 0.01 btc ! If you don't hav it youre forced to loose signifant money having to sell the scammy swap.btc for hive again and even swap.hive is sketchy and there's no excuse to not just use regular hive except laziness amd greed...since golos proved with golosdex that you can have user issued assets in the dame internal market as hive and hbd

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