I am in LOVE with the new Weedcash.org Info Site! It is a companion website to the nitrous Steem DAPP, Weedcash.network , to sell the idea of a Blockchain to help legalize Cannabis. CANNabis Decentralized Autonomous Community, CANNADAC or CANDAC.


https://www.weedcash.org/ or https://weedcash.io is the beautiful new site from weedcash!

THIS is such so PERFECT!!!

I am so proud to be part of WEED token. yeah its just WEED when we want it to be :D Weedcash when we want to sound commerecial, and WEEDCASH.io when we want to sound technical, weedcash.org when we want to sound charitable and academic, and weedcash.network for the tribe site! THAt also will get some enhancements AS time goes on and @eonwarped can provide new nitrous features, maybe some scatter node js logins for showing weed eos balances ....

This is the beginning of a WHOLE new chapter for weedcash the FIRST and soon to be MOSt successful steem engine tribe! STONES WILL UNITE behind weedcash

WEED EOS smart contract


GET READY for a WEED EOS and WEED TELOS listing!!!!


We will be airdropping 1 weed to top 500 SEED holders, a separate cannabis related EOS token


This token will serve to do a LOT of the ground work establishing a name for cannabis in the eos world.... we will support them for sure... why not? we will post ABOUT seed ON weedcash! We hope to get stories written about us in High Times and break ground on a legalization DAC that serves the purpose to actually legalize cannabis in states that have the best chances to legalize AND still allocate resources to places that may be lost causes, but which can still help people in various ways from paying for lawyers to represent flagship court cases, and to gather all BANNED cannabis social media users into ONE unified cannabis culture weedcash front end, WITH, @steempeak allowing weedcash to have BACKUP front ends, AND the eos and telos blockchains giving weedcash a robust redundancy incase steem or eo s ever have issues or censorship.

Global Cannabis Legalization DAc will be the best thing to ever happen to steem. Watch as we have @richardcrill @cofeebudz @!weedcash actually tip celebrities like Whiz Khalifa and other Cannabis celebs and activists like NORML, and then THEN we will get mainstream attention! AND when we have our Colorado Dispensary and @harbormmcc allowing us to advertise inside the dispensary with flyers and allowing us to rebrand a shipment of edibles or joints with the weedcash name brand for a few hundred dollars in re packaging, and branding deal, we can get our NAMES in existing cannabis products already legal licensed, and we can simply add the weedcash label and a free weedcash token gift with some information to educate the customer or patient on cannabis facts, so our flyer is educational, simply SPONSORED by weedcash.org . OH and on EARTH day we will organize some VERY nice weedcash tables or volunteers at various events! We will just ask people to signup without asking them for money we will be the least annoying people who sign you up to things ever :D ESPECIALLy when we ask them to SIMPLY join a TELEGRAM or DISCORD many users already HAVE those apps, and can just gop to our room and immediately get tipped 1 weedcash token via @tipitbot https://tipit.io i highly recommend tipit! AND also https://t.me/weedcashnetwork


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