With Coinbase >EOS>SAND You can Buy SAND or STEEMp with EOS. Withdraw SAND from App.SanDiegoCoin.org or steemsandiego.com & sell it on Newdex for EOS. It does take 2 weeks to get paid, so only real dedicated locals will find any satisfaction in posting :)


Buy SAND with EOS you can get on Coinbase. EOS is on Coinbase and SAND is on EOS and you can ALWAYS buy SAND with EOS ALWAYS https://newdex.io AND you can ALWAYS sell SAND for EOS, ALWAYS because I have orders to cover the entire supply! https://www.coinbase.com/earn/eos


Steem is already also on COinbase but NOT for trading yet! Its just there "in spirit" but I HONESTLY THINK it will soon will be on there

If your nation does not qualify for COinbase Earn, https://www.coinbase.com/earn I am willing to give you a chance to earn some pieces of an EOS token, here at https://t.me/steemoneos or http://EOSTEEM.net

Send 1 EOS to sandiegocoin for at least 100 SAND

bot contract coming soon!

Since SEEDS app will have TLOS offramp Onramp for Fiat, and SAND is on TLOS i will have a simple way soon to get people excited about Telos, https://joinseeds.com

If you need to Buy STEEM with EOS go here to buy EOS STEEMP

You can convert to STEEMP by sending EOS STEEMP purchased on newdex to eos account steemoneosio with memo STEEMP steemaccount

And instead of being charged a second 1% fee to convert STEEMP to STEEM you can convert that to STEEM using @steemfinex by @blockchainstudio :

https://steemfinex.com/ FIn EX = FINANCIAL EXCHANGE and its really Great to see it allowing STEEM to STEEMP for free if you wait 25 hours, just put the number of hours in the memo, the longer you wait up to 25 hours the less TX fee you pay!

How to use @steemfinex?
Just send STEEM/STEEMP to @steemfinex. So simple!

  • If you want to exchange STEEM for STEEMP, send STEEM to @steemfinex (with an optional memo for waiting time in hours)
  • If you want to exchange STEEMP for STEEM, send STEEMP to @steemfinex (with an optional memo for waiting time in hours).
    If you visit https://steemfinex.com/?a=yoursteemitaccountname, then you can see the balance of @steemfinex and yours, and you can even send STEEM/STEEMP here with keychain or steemconnect. Of course, you can use any transfer method you like.
    To prevent spam, the minimum amount is 1 STEEM/STEEMP, any amount less than that will be donated. No exception.

How are the low fees possible? What happens if @steemfinex doesn't have enough balances?
Great point! and here is the magic. If @steemfinex doesn't have balances, your transfer will be refunded without a fee after 5 minutes.
What is the waiting time?
The real magic begins here. You can specify the waiting time in hours (Just write number in the transfer memo, e.g., "10" means 10 hours. Use number only without quotes/strings.)
Then, the base fee starts from 0.25% and decreases by 0.01% every one hour, which means it will be free after 25 hours!
Min and Max waiting time?
Min is 5 minutes, i.e., even if you write "0" in memo. Max is 1 weeks (=168 hours), i.e., even if you write "1000" in memo. So if you have enough time and don't want to calculate, just write 1000 or any big number you like in the memo. Again, you should write numbers only (without quotes/strings) in the memo. 5 minutes default waiting time will be applied otherwise.
What if I haven't received the exchange nor the refund by the expiration time?
So far there has been no single delay due to @steemfinex. Yet the delay can happen mainly due to steem-engine account history API problem. This happened twice in a week recently. In this case, you can't see the recent transfer history from keychain either. Likewise, there is no way for @steemfinex to confirm your transfer. (While block streaming might be one alternative, I've already checked that that may also be unreliable.) If your transfer is shown up on https://steem-engine.rocks/@steemfinex, you can assume that yours will be processed anyway later on.

SO @steemfinex is a powerful tool for converting your steem engine pegged STEEM tokens back to main net steem without being charged an extra 1% fee ontop of the unavoidable one to convert EOS STEEMP to Steem STEEMP. BUT if we get EOS STEEMP on SteemFinex we could potentially offer STEEM directly on Newdex, you may have to wait 25 hours to get around the 1% fee but so far you can buy STEEMP with EOS or Sell STEEMP for EOS, and we will using this market maker bot to create more liquidity and hopefully will find EOS market maker bots. @ubg has some bots available if you want to help out:

We may even get to use @heimindanger 's Steem SMart COntract COmmander Here:

if youd like to learn more check out the Weedcash Network Discord where you can find @ubg and be in one of the larger EOS Newdex Tokens... SAND was first but Weedcash and APX are larger EOSTEEM communities.

I recently actually deposited a Lot of Weedcash to stake and earn those staking rewards so I can earn extra WEED to actually sell for extra EOS. The volume of Weedcash EOS on newdex is alike a river of EOS.

if you need EOS just post here https://appics.com

And if you are in San Diego use the #sandiego hashtag. If you use https://steemSanDiego.com you will soon get rewarded for using my front end which will soon have Ads enabled to buy back SAND, so the more users the more money buys back SAND. I have a plan to enable Scatter and this same system for San Diego Union tribune to have a ByWire.com or Decentium style publishing system using Steem SAND for a Real Local Journalism source and a brand that would solidify SAND as a San DIego project.

I plan to use this to impress @sandiegouniontribune @uniontribune for a Steem Scot EOSIO SMart Contract Journalism Tribe for Censorship Resistance. Conservative Journalism is huge in San Diego and the New FOX News Trumps Favorite, One America News Network is here across the Valley from me, and I even got a Job Interview with them once, now they are under fire from leftist websites and its funny. No Matter your political views you must respect the hustle and the ability for us to just make our own News Stations, and they reflect our views and that's too bad, its private sector. San Diego Union tribune is conservative but I am here to protect not just some conservative who gets banned off twitter, but also I will protect leftists views in Russia for example or maybe some LGBT people in iran. I am here to protect ALL sides of the aisle, because BUSINESS is not going to complain about their customers political views.

I can have the whole censorship resistance and free speech BUT retain governance and have limits to the freedoms for the sake of reality. We can have Freedom of Speech but without having out in the open wikileaks and Edward Snowden Darkweb stuff that scared the Boomers and investors away. If we can establish the best rules and have the safest systems for storing wealth with smart contract governance and arbitration like Telos then we can have a better chance for attracting the worlds wealth. I hope to attract that wealth, trillions, to a city, and I see my city with its local business like Qualcomm as a prime real estate for a global cryptocurrency Hub. I seek to use Decentralized tools in a physically centralized space to reach the limits of what smartphone technology, encryption, GPS and camera tech can do for humanity.

One application of EOSIO and Telos for San Diego besides using its governance for the Public Bank SD and expanding the San DIego Zoo and incorporating the Blockchain to link all schools and universities, I also think this EOS Music Festival could be fun using @appics @bescouted and the EOS Music Dapp EMT @emanate so that all artists would have to be on the EMT Dapp, it could start small as more of a Blockchain Trade show WITH some music events and then, morph into a real festival where we can use WPS funds to vote on which headliner we pay so whoever owns the most TELOS or EOSIO Music Festival Fyre Tokens can end up deciding which musical taste ends up at the local venue, venue location can also be voted on in the DAC using simple WPS proposals and every organizer being its own WPS which gets paid and even @actifit and @challengedac

I hope you learned something or were inspired. To learn more about San DIego Coin project and the SAND Blockchain on EOSIO by StrongBlock.io or our STEEM EOS and Telos tokens by @privex come here https://SanDiegoCoin.org