can weedcash go up MORE than hive? maybe with an erc20/bsc peg...thinking of powering down 250-500 HIVE to buy more WEED to use to create a mockup ethereum weedcash nft front end

not everyone cares about hive but a LOT of people love weed and crypto and @weedcash may be their only hive related holdings in the future if my plan gets carried out to add a @wleo WEED for eth/bsc to list on uniswap/pancake swap to sell for ethereum/bsc and fund the development of an erc20 weedcash nft dapp that mixes metamask and keychain to allow weedcash hive users ro mint NFT not just on the weedcash outpost with hive but rheir best posts as ethereum nfts on a fancy luxury weedcash nft front end that will have a beautiful design and look like

like my own plants you see here that were stunted for months, a change in environmental conditions and LESS water and nutrients and more led lights allowed them to have explosive growth just like weedcash and hive can have together if we make weedcash the premiere ethereum based cannabis dapp with top growers creating official strain, leaf seed and nug art standardized nfts especially with our own web app with a camera function that lets you take photos with a special frame that lines the nug leef or seed up in the photo like its scanning a face or driverse know what i want! yeah that fancy...and when its done it will charge you hive weedcash tokens or check for enough weedpower to give you access to the ethereum nft minting

then yes ethereum onky metamask users will just buy the ethereum or bsc weed token to be able to mint weedcash erc721 regular eth nfts in our front end...which will LEAD them to the discount theyll get from using HIVE weedcash


well as my plants grow maybe weedcash can grow as we find a new way to develop THE ULTIMATE high end luxury cannabis strain art dapp

i can see @weedcash making a deal woth a few boutique cannabis growers and even some more famous strain breeders and sign them on to make exclusive weedcash network nft art representing their top famous strains ...with big disclaimers to make it clear we are not selling any actual cannabis ...just nft artwork to collect strain related nfts made by the actual breeders and growers of these strains...maybe you can grow your own nfts using someone elses strain and they get a market fee royalty as is the option on many nft ethereum front ends

either way we can have some sort of Cannabis art based ethereum dapp that leads people to the hive dapp and requires users to either buy and hod hive weedcash power stake or just buy a much larger more expensive amount of the pegged ethereum weedcash many users who will only use eth can stay there buy ethereum weedcash erc20 and qualify to mint or trade their own ethereum weedcash nfts ...

these boutique ethereum weedcash nfts will be standardized and have an approved verification stamp from the approved grower or breeder on a white list and be one of 4 types...strain art.. art representing the strain by an artist chosen by the plant breeder, or a standardized close up high quality photograph taken by a new iphone/galaxy/pixel phone or professional camera, of a lead, a seed or a flower nug, framed to all be at the same angle against a black background , so they all show up the same way in a weedcash nft or metamask wallet

so youd have actual standardized photos of nugs seeds or leaves and abstract art to symbolize the strain and when all 4 of these have been uploaded you can mint a certain number of each and fans can collect them as strain nft art

they would just be a nice way to collect cannabis art and be sold for eth or for weedcash erc20 WWEED or PWEED or just WEED on ethereum whatever we end up calling it

fiest ill have to buy a lot more weedcash and talk to @richardcrill amd have him talk to his top investors to make sure this is ok but i think theyd all welcome a seeious high end luxury ethereum nft dapp to be up there with Blur and opensea albiet much smallee and more like but for cannabis strain art instead of music

strain nft art would be the only real legal way to do the largest type of canna is nft project while still having the hive engine weedcash dapp in the background connected to this ethereum weedcash dapp by using keychain to let metamask users sign in and add hive posts to theie erc20 nft minting etc

so if i can pull this off and i think i can because weed is so popular snd combining cannabis with ethereum should be a home run, then i think weedcas can be worth more than hive itself and bring more users to hive than any other dapp

the end game is some sort of weedmaps integration with hive and for popular nft developers and artists and canna is growsers/famous strain breeders like strain hunters to all signup and register ro sell limited edition rare cannabis strain nft artwork collectibles as a way to raise money for their strain hi ting expeditions or more legal cannabis breeding research and or legal cannabis daos to fund legalization campaigns and lobbying

all i need is to keeo making a nice mockup image of the web design of the weedcash ethereum frontend and ill work with an ethereum nft front end developer soon to make this happen and show what we can do to combine hive ane ethereum using hive posts ane ethereum nft minting as a future system all hive dapps can use.


I would love to see more people going outside of Hive to get the word of Weedcash out there. Only a small group of us have really been doing this all these years. Some progress has been made. Like BIFBeans accepts Hive for their seeds, and other cool stuff on their site.

I know accepting Weed as a payment will not be so benifical since there is no volume. But maybe it can be used as a form of point system. The possibilies are endless, we just need more here with passion.

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