bro liike NFT LIIIGHTERE BROOO these clipper lighters are like NFTs with this art wtff + hologram sticker prinatble custom private key hive gift card idea for ohysical hologram sticker privat key qr code pealable custo

woahh duuude look at this weedcash logo like in my grinder

and the lighter is like a frealkn nft art

clipper lighters are the best cuz u can do this lol


duude this lighter is like a transformer i could write a lil weedcash private posting or active key and hide it in here lol or like use invisible ink that appears when u lightly tap the paper with a lighter like a lil heat and im sure they do have heat sctivated ink its what theybuse in like reciept printer paper dude if u know u know and hve played with printer paper as a kid if u ever worked around a store lol

imagine like lighter nft art so
evow duuuude with like HOLOGRAMS hahaha and lil private key stickers keep it simple...pealable holigram nft stuckers or the scratcher paper ive seen custom ones u just need a trust worthy comoany to do that printing lol only pre load many small ones so its not worth comitting tye crime etc find skmeone whose one guy who runs the holorqm or scraycjer printer

im aure theres secure scratcher or hologram sticker pealable printers iut there cuz ive looked it up and makin ur own custom nft qr code and private key printed on credit card poke
on card style hpligraphic passport style hologram paper is pretty cheap acyially i mwan nor passport level lol just simple fun ar holograms i mean thats somethin anyone can use im sure gologram paper is conrrolled in some way in the downlow by the secret service and government and feds hahaha the feds regukate holographic pokemon card paper cuz u would use it for counterfeitt8ng LOL its jist funny tho when we eanna use it for art and cool prodictive creatuve nft projects where u can just freakin print oug lil pruvate keys in cool hologram paper or qr codes i dunno if a phone xan read a qr code printed on hologram paper probly can tho haha i wanna test that out

anyway imagone we go do THIS




theres this and


come onnn lets make cool sticker custom nft hive and hive engine wallets i mean its a hive private key printed out on pealable hologram, scratcjer or just in a hologram paper u have in a cool car with small amount of hive and nfts loaded a lil hive gift card with a cool hologram paper to make it a custom rwal nft with crypro on it anyone can do it just need ro design a beautiful holograohic card tenplate ro print and some art and artange ur private key + a qr code of ur oribate key u wanna geneeate offline

now h have it sent to a secure printer sticker company like i shpwed above and bam we gt REMEMERABLE hplographci hive sticker card nft ohsyical wallets everyone will talk aboit u can havea lil wallet for hive snd oke for btc wax telos whatever u want lets print some ohysical hive hift cards with these holograohic stickers and make lil cards makea LOT and send em to ppl in the mail a real random genreated hive wallet costing 0.5 hive from @helios and get these hologram card account keys loaded with a few buxks of hive maybe 20 to 100 max and have a few hive engines and a few nfts have em all printed in a lil hologram paper have all the hive engine coins printed in pergferated tear off sections

most ppl wont soend em and will keepsake save like a btc hardware walet or tjose art hardware wallets or other ohysical mft products

we can also get a piece of copper cheaper than silver and attach a lil hologram and get real fsncy spend 50 to 100 per coin or lwss in bulk and have custom sikver stamp from a mint and mint iur own nft silvee as some sorta bonus for our hologram stickers ro be attached to lil silver art coins made with nft coin designs well put on @nftshowroom and well hqve lik custom silver hive nft coins with hologram nft privat keys sikver cpins


I have custom clipper lighters with CSCDK Cannabis Social Club Denmark will try find them to post a video later..

If I forget please ping me 😅🫣