DPOS is the future. From Steem to Golos to EOS to Voice to Hive to Telos... like Cannabis Taxes have proven, we can run welfare off the back of crypto DPOS / EOSIO runs future California Blockchain Welfare State off Beneficiary, Proposal and Block Rewards


too bad that future may never come... because the government shot its shot too early

images (14).png

its up to us to rebuild these NSA prism tools into the new decentralized big tech welfare system for the state of california

its about keeping big tech in california while shadow taxing the fuck out of them in ways they dont mind, like actually taking beneficiary rewards from every California HIVE fork user on the CAL chain

CAL chain or CALIFORNIA blockchain will fork hive and telos and create a free account for every citizen they can use to vote on a paralel system for witness and local city block producers to create UBI that works for everyone and organizes humans into workers..... trained curation and author reward miners who can now WORK for asny OTHER state training THEIR peopel to build THEIR OWN blockchain social media welfare state

beneficiary rewards and witness rewards and HiveDAO can go RIGHT to the state of california's coffers

Sacremento will be converted into some sort of museum and all administration will be done at the city level as it always should have been. Blockchain City States


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