Good morning, friends of the weed cash community 

Good morning friends

well, friends today is Thursday August 18 and I'm going for a walk my people here I leave you my supplies and on the way we arm ourselves one joint with honey ha, ha, ha, ha my friends I hope you like my content of exclusive images of my property taken from my life that I lead in Panama mine and my friends and wife my friends we go to Chirriquí in Panama highlands boquete


We left approximately at 6 in the morning, since it was a 5 hour trip to get to the place and as always I took my supply to smoke ha, ha, ha, ha until the next day with my friends on the road and good family, everything went super well thanks to God we had a great time that night and well I will leave you some pictures.
At the end of everything we had a good time, we all returned home well and we hope to be able to return to this great trip that we spent in that beautiful place my friend I hope you like it and leave you my social networks to bajito if you liked the content do not forget to leave a like brother

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