My Plan To Fork Dpoll {{FOR HEMP}}


Hello World.
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How is everyone! :) I've got an exciting update for HEMP tokens. Now so far: There is no real use case for HEMP tokens; There is no reward pool. No one can blog for HEMP. Although ive been working hard on an e commerce site for CBD/hemp products: Ive also considered if HEMP should be a tribe.

People already review Cbd products on steemit so why not?

My plan involves the popular site where steemit useres can host polls {surveys} and have them posted as a steemit blog.

Today Im going to fork the github repository {copy the open source code} of and also explain how I plan to use this for the HEMP token.
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Here we are at the github repository for This is the code that runs Dpoll! Pretty amazing only 5 {now 6} people have forked this awesome program.... Lets login to github and talk about my master plans for a HEMP reward pool....
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Okay so most of you have used Dpoll or at least know how it works. Basically you create a survey with an an answerable question and then you create multiple answers to vote upon OR yes/no. Then the survey is posted as a steemit blog and the votes post as comments.

It's the standard steemit polling program.
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You can see how this simple steem voting system works: But how does this apply to HEMP?

Well you see: Most of the hemp related content right now are reviews of Cbd products: Mostly Cbd Hemp buds.

So what I would like to do is fork dpoll and tie my HEMP reward pool to this system.

Let's say you buy some "cherry wine" cbd strain buds. {yum} Then you roll up a joint and it tastes amazing.... you like the smell etc. Or lets say you try some cbd gummies. Then you can post the product on the dpoll fork!
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After you post your HEMP/Cbd product you can launch the survey with 1 of 3 options. A yes/no option: A 5 star option or a 10 star option. Then anyone else who tries the strain/product you posted can rate it! :)
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Anyone who posts a product for review will receive HEMP tokens. Also your review will post on steemit so you will earn Steem/sbd along with whatever other tribe tags you use to earn tokens like planet or weedcash!

Why will this be a solid use case?

1.People who buy Cbd products already can earn more $ for their medicine just by posting their products for review!

2 Dpoll takes 10% of post payout. That is too much taxation for someone who wants to earn daily HEMP. Therefore we will test running the Dpoll fork at 4/5% overhead instead. :)

3 People could earn tokens NOW to use for e commerce when @A1-shroom-spores
re-seller liscense is issued and we can sell cbd products for hemp tokens.

4 HEMP has no use case yet. This may convince more people to HODL or buy more. They will know HEMP produces use cases and projects.


Interesting. Always cool to see what other projects the community is working on :P
When can I buy some sweet hemp products like clothes and lotions with your coin?


Thanks. Not sure if ill have clothes. The focus will be on actual cbd products like hemp buds and edibles. Im waiting on my re-seller permit from my state government.